Brandon Bond : Bonded with Tattoos

Brandon Bond is one of the most successful and award-winning published in the tattoo world. He is the owner of the prosperous empire of All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. It also has a publishing company called Stranglehold which sells movies, books, cloths, artwork, and other tattoo products. After 15 years of compulsive dedication, Brandon do tattoos constantly, and he has advance booking for a year which is also seen as a great demand of him. Last year Brandon opened a second studio Anti Art Elite which is Located at northwest of Atlanta , Georgia.

Brandon Bond was voted and chosen "Best Tattoo Artist (reader's choice) 2007 by Creative Loafing," and Tattoo Artist of The Year 2006 "at the Convention of North Carolina tattoo, and" Artist of the Year "in 2005 by his peers colleagues and tattooists South Florida Tattoo Expo. Brandon was born in the small island of Perdido Key, Florida. He began his artistic activities due to the encouragement of his parents surprisingly favorable. He spent almost all his time as a child playing music and drawing. growth capacity eventually led him to the University of Texas where he studied Fine Arts. It is at this stage of his career he took over a tattoo machine, a gift from his friend Jim Wolfe, and therefore he put his musical instruments. This experience has forced a radical change in his life. He immediately began tattooing his friends and got some of his first pieces published with immediate effect because of his great art work . Brandon used to go to school in Texas during the weekdays, tattooed in the night, and all the way to Florida every weekend to get a tattoo in a small shop in Fort Walton Beach called tattoo zoo. He continued this work holistic compulsive for 18 years and counting.

It was also in Texas that Brandon did a formal apprenticeship to learn all aspects of sterilization, tattooing, piercing, scarification, suspension, body, and brand under the close supervision of Bear Shaman. According to Bear, dedication, persistent efforts, a hygienic environment and the best of breed tattoo supplies are mandatory to create perfect tattoos. After completing his apprenticeship and school, he went on a mission to explore the middle of the tattoo and the lifestyle that art provides. The attack began traveling and the national tour began.

This tattoo artist giving a new meaning and reasons for tattoo art and be hold a great hat to this great artist on my side.